This is a game for five players. Four spots are chosen, at equal distances from one another. They represent the four directions. At the beginning of the game all five players rush for the four spots. One player does not get a spot. This player is Anumana. The four players at the four spots are the four elephants supporting the earth: Virupaksha, Mahapadma, Saumanasa, and Himpandura. Ansumana goes to each of the players in the four spots, saying, “Virupaksha, where is the sacrificial horse?” “Mahapadma, where is the sacrificial horse?” etc. Each player answers in turn, “Ansumana, you will soon find the stolen horse”. Ansumana then stands in the middle of the four spots and calls, “Change places!” At this, everyone trades spots quickly with a neighbour. During this confusion, when the spots are vacant, Ansumana tries to get one. The player who loses his spot becomes Ansumana. If Ansumana fails to get a spot, he must try again.