This game is for a small number of children (three or four). If many children play it, they should form teams. A player throws the ball (it should be a small ball, easy to catch with one hand) against the wall three times, each time catching it with both hands when it bounces back. The next three times the child claps his hands once before catching the ball. The game becomes in that way more and more difficult. Here are some examples:
1.    Throw the ball, catch it with two hands;
2.    Throw the ball, clap once, catch it with two hands;
3.    Throw the ball, clap once in the front, once in the back, catch it with two hands;
4.    Throw the ball, catch it with one hand;
5.    Throw the ball, turn around once, catch it with two hands;
6.    Throw the ball, raise one leg, clap once under the leg, once above the leg, catch the ball with two hands.

Children can invent all kinds of things to do before catching the ball. One loses and must wait for his next turn when the ball falls to the ground or when one fails to do the prescribed gestures before catching the ball. While waiting for their turn, the other players can sing Krishna conscious children’s songs.