This game is a safe way of playing with a bow and arrows. Of course, an adult should still supervise the game. The arrows should have a rubber tip that sticks to the target. Many big targets can be prepared with strong cardboard. Each represents a demon, nicely drawn, colored in. and cut out, such as Aghasura, Arishtasura, Kamsa, Dhenukasura, Keshi, or Ravana. The targets are stuck firmly to walls or to trees. The first player chooses his target and stands about fifteen feet (5m) away. Then he says, for example, “Krishna is going to kill the Whirlwind demon Trinavarta, who took Him high up in the Sky”. Or, “Ramachandra is going to kill Ravana, who kidnapped His wife Sita”. That is to say, the player each time gives a short summary of the story of that particular demon. The player shoots the target and when he hits it, everyone shouts, “Hari Bol! Hari Bol! Krishna killed the demon!” each player takes turns shooting his demon. Another way of playing this game is to have a competition, all the players shooting at their targets together, to see who can hit it first and at the best place.