This game is for two teams of at least five players each. Each team lays out a row of sticks, which represents the ocean. The players represent Hanuman jumping over the ocean to search for Sita in Lanka. The sticks should be about eighteen inches (2.5m) apart. There must be as many sticks in each row as there are players on each team. As soon as the starter says, “Hanuman, hop!” the first player on each team hops on one foot over every stick, picks up the last stick in the row, and still standing on one foot, he taps the player who is next in the line on his team. This player then hops over all the remaining sticks, picks up the last one, and returns. The next player after him proceeds. Any player whose foot touches a stick must go back to the first stick and start over. The same rile holds if anyone puts both feet on the ground. The first team to pick up all of their sticks wins.