This game is healthy exercise for the children. The teacher first shows the children a few basic hatha-yoga postures, movements, or simple physical exercises. Using these exercises the children will play Hatha-yoga.
   By reciting one Hare Krishna mantra a child is chosen to be the guesser. He goes a few yards away, turns his back to the others, hides his eyes with his hands, and recites five Hare Krishna mantras before coming back. Meanwhile, the other children have chosen a hatha-yoga teacher by reciting one Hare Krishna mantra. They all stand in a circle and the teacher leads all the exercises without drawing attention to himself. The other players follow him without giving away his identity. The movements should be continuous. The child who must find the teacher should stand in the middle of the circle and observe everyone’s movements very closely. When he thinks that he knows who the teacher is, he calls out the name. If that child is not the teacher, he shakes his head and continues to follow the teacher without breaking the rhythm. When the child finally guesses the hatha-yoga teacher correctly, he joins the circle and the teacher takes his place. A new hath-yoga teacher is chosen secretly and the game continues.