Draw a diagram about ten feet (3m) long (like the one in the picture). Each player must have a pebble. The first player stands in the material world box and tosses his pebble into box 1. On one foot he hops over 1 into 2 and then into 3. At 4 and 5, he puts both feet down at the same time, one into each box. Then he hopes on one foot into 6. At 7 and 8, he puts both feet down, one in 7 and one in 8, jumps around to face the other way, with feet in 7 and 8 again, and then hops back through all the boxes until he reaches 2. Here he bends over on one foot, picks up his pebble, hops into 1 and out.
   Then he tosses the pebble into 2, hops into 1, over2, and continues as before, picking up his pebble on the way out. He then tosses the pebble into 3 and so on through all the boxes until he reaches box 8. He then jumps into the spiritual world box. Each time he jumps into a new box, the player must say loudly, “Hare Krishna”. If a player tosses his pebble into the wrong box, he must toss it back into the last box he played, and stop. The next player takes his turn. One must also stop playing, leaving his pebble wherever it is, if he puts two feet in one box, touches a line with his hand or foot, or forgets to say, “Hare Krishna”. The first player to finish and enter the spiritual world box is the winner. No more than four players should play.

                                            7 | 8
                                            | 6 |
                                           4 | 5   
                                      Material world