By reciting one Hare Krishna mantra a player is chosen to lead the game. The game is played a little differently for young children than for older ones.
   For very young ones the leader says, “Krishna said do this. Krishna said do that, “using Krishna conscious activities like “Krishna said go to Aratrika”, Krishna said make sweet balls.” All the children must do what Krishna says. When the leader says, “Maya said do this”, or “maya said do that”, he chooses bad activities like “Maya said eat with your left hand”, etc. the children must not do what Maya says. If they do it, they are out of the game.
         For older children, the activities suggested are always Krishna conscious and the leader does not use “Maya said”. Either he says, “Krishna said do this”, or he just says “Do this”, with out mentioning Krishna. The children must do the activities when “Krishna said” is mentioned, but they must not do it when it is not. To make the game increasingly difficult, the leader can give the orders faster and faster. The winner is the last one in the game. He becomes the next leader.