By reciting one Hare Krishna mantra a child is chosen to be Maya. The others stand in a circle. They represent the association of devotees. Maya walks rapidly around the outside of the circle, carrying a cloth which represents the object of sense gratification. Maya silently drops the cloth behind a devotee. As soon as the player realizes that the object of sense gratification is behind him, he picks it up, leaves the association of the devotees, and runs around the circle to associate with Maya. If Maya reaches the vacant place in the circle first, she has trapped the devotee in illusion, and he becomes Maya. If the devotee gets back to his place first, he has been saved. Maya must then drop the object of sense gratification again. Maya continues going around the circle until the player notices that the object is behind him. Everyone must run in the same clockwise direction. While Maya and the devotee fallen into illusion run for the place in the association of devotees, the other devotees in the circle clap and chant loudly to encourage them.