Two teams are formed with an equal number of children. Each team chooses a spot to be its Guru Kula about forty yards (35m) apart. By chanting one Hare Krishna mantra a team is chosen to be the first to act out a service. That team decides secretly on a particular service and choose a leader to direct the acting of that service by all the members of the team. The other team will have to guess what the service is. Then the two teams stand in the middle, facing each other exactly halfway from their own Gurukulas. First they both chant one Hare Krishna mantra. Then the teams speak these questions and answers:
  “Where are you from?”
  “What is your service?”
  “It is bliss”.
  “Show it to us”.
     The first team then acts out the service. As soon as the second team guesses the service, they chase the members of the first team. Anyone caught before reaching his Gurukula must join the second team. Then the two teams exchange roles.