Shrila Prabhupada described this game that he used t plat in his childhood. There are two teams of eleven players each. Each team stands behind its demarcation line, about ten yards (10m) apart. A child from Team One runs to the camp of the other team, chanting Hare Krishna. The players from Team Two must try to stop him from entering their camp by touching him all at once. Then he is out of the game. But if he manages to enter their camp without being tagged by all of them at once, he then runs amongst them and tags one of them. Whoever is tagged is out of the game. Then he returns to his camp and another child from his team does the same. But if the second player fails to enter the enemy camp, he is out of the game and a child from Team Two takes a turn at trying to enter the camp of Team One to tag someone there. By reciting one Hare Krishna mantra the children choose which team will start the game. The first team to tag all eleven players from the opposite team wins. It is possible to play with more or less than eleven children on each team, but there should be the same number of children in each team.