The players choose a tree or bush to be Tulasi, hold hands, and dance around it while singing the Tulasi song. For each verse they stop dancing to act out the service they offer to Tulasi. Between each verse they sing the refrain and dance again around Tulasi.

Refrain: Here we go round the Tulasi tree, the Tulasi tree, the tulasi tree,
(Dance)   Here we go round the Tulasi tree after Mangala Aratrika.

Verses: We put on her skirt so pretty, we put on her skirt so pretty, we
(Act out)   Put on her skirt so pretty after Mangala Aratrika.
              We offer incense smelling sweet….
              We offer her a lamp of ghee….
              We give a flower full of scent….
              We blow the conchshell white and pure….
              We give her water clear and fresh…..
               We pick her leaves for Krishna’s feet……
               We sew garlands of manjaris….
               Isn’t Tulasi nice to see……