This hide-and-seek game should be played in an area filled with high grass, bushes and trees. An area about ten feet (3m) across is chosen to be Dwaraka. By reciting one Hare Krishna mantra, two children are chosen, one to be Krishna, the other Balarama. They stand inside Dwaraka. The other players disperse and hide. They are the soldiers of Jarasandha’s army. Crawling and hiding, they must try to enter the area of the Dwaraka fort without being seen or touched by Krishna or Balarama who guard it. Krishna and Balarama may go in and out of Dwaraka to find the attackers, but never so far as to leave Dwaraka undefended. As soon as one is seen (Krishna or Balarama must see an attacker well enough as to recognize him and say his name) or touched, he must go hide again and try to enter Dwaraka. The first two to enter Dwaraka become Krishna and Balarama for the next game. There should always be about four attackers for each defender, so according to the number of attackers, the number of defenders may change.