A player is chosen to be the Kazi by reciting one HareKrishna mantra. The other players represent Lord Chaitanys’s devotees. A spot is chosen to be the Kazi’s palace. The Kazi stands in his palace. Secretly the devotees choose a player to be Lord Chaitanya by reciting one Hare Krishna mantra. Then they all go in front of the Kazi’s palace and have a big Kirtan, chanting and dancing. The Kazi steps angrily out of his palace and shouts, “What is this horrible noise? Who is responsible for this? Who is the leader?” Then he tries to guess who is Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya leads the dancing, changing activity only when the Kazi is not looking at Him. All the devotees must exactly follow whatever gestures Lord Chaitanya does but without staring at Him, so that it is difficult for the Kazi to recognize the leader. If lord Chaitanya claps, they clap; if He jumps, they jump; if He raises His arms, they raise their arms; etc. the Kazi is allowed three guesses, and in the next game Lord Chaitanya plays the Kazi. The players secretly choose a new Lord Chaitanya.