By reciting one Hare Krishna mantra a player is chosen to be Krishna. Then two teams are formed. One represents the thieves, the other the lambs. There are slightly more children in the lambs team than in the thieves team. In the team of thieves one child is secretly chosen to be Vyomasura. Two spots are chosen, one is the thieves camp where lambs tagged by the thieves must go. The other is Vyomasura’s cave where lambs tagged by Vyomasura must go. When a thief tags a lamb, he quickly and softly tells him “Thieves camp.” When Vyomasura tags a lamb, he tells the lamb “Vyomasura’s cave”. The lamb must run to the spot that has been indicated. Krishna stands outside the game watching carefully to discover who is Vyomasura. As soon as He discovers Vyomasura, He runs after him to tag him and stop him from kidnapping more lambs. While Krishna tries to tag him, Vyomasura still tries to catch more lambs and at the same time avoid being tagged by Krishna. Krishna cannot tag him when he is in his cave. All the children tagged by Vyomasura and imprisoned in Vyomasura’s cave chant loudly. “Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! He! /
Rama! Raghava! Rama! Raghava! Rama Raghava! Raksha mam!”
     In the next game, when Vyomasura has been caught by Krishna, a new Krishna and a new Vyomasura are chosen.